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SMT Playout Automation

Automated 4K/HD/SD IP & NDI playout system for videos,

streaming, advertising and broadcast graphics

SMT Playout Automation is a turnkey playout server solution for scheduling programs advertising and graphics. It combines scheduling, ingest, playout and CG within one server. The integrated show planner allows broadcasters to design, manage and air 24/7 program with only a single operator. SMT's automated playout is the go-to solution for broadcast and cable TVs, streaming-only TV stations, sport broadcasters, hotels, schools, corporate TV, shopping malls, airports and many more.

SMT playout.png

Main Features

» Fully automated multichannel playout solution for 24/7 broadcast operations

» Turnkey package including software and hardware with HD-SDI outputs as well as NDI outputs

» Up to 4 channels SD, HD 1080, UHD, NDI in a single server

» Output to SDI, NDI in SD, HD and UHD simultaneously

» Integrated CG for animated on-air graphics including ticker, channel branding, crawlers,

» coming-up-next banners, clock, breaking news crawlers

» Supports multiple video codecs and containers

» Supports multi-language content playout and graphics playout

» Multi-user remote management (users must be in the same network)

» Integrated NDI multiview

» 8 TB integrated content storage


» In addition to the integrated 2D graphics engine a more comprehensive 3D graphics engine is available for

» multidimensional and multi-layered broadcast graphics

» Easy scalable, additional channels as an upgrade (Blackmagic 8K Pro cards or additional servers required)

» External Graphic editor that is used to create additional graphic templates

» SMT Playout comes with 8 TB integrated content storage. Alternatively 2,4,6, or 12 TB integrated storage is

» available 

» MAM integration (has to be customized based on client’s requirements)

» MOS protocol integration (has to be customized based on client’s requirements)

Key Highlights

SMT playout highlights.png

Key Highlights

Integrated CG for stunning broadcast graphics


The integrated CG can be used for station branding, coming-up-next banners, logos, ticker, animations, clock and much more. Graphic content can be animation, crawl, roll, or fade. SMT playout automation also supports video with alpha channel.


Playout and broadcast graphics - easy controlled with one intuitive user interface

The new developed CG engine is integrated into the SMT Playout System. No additional hardware or software is needed. Operators can control the playback of all motion graphics, animations, corporate graphics, station logos, lower thirds and more with one intuitive user interface. SMT Playout supports simple 1D graphics like lower thirds as well as complex multi-layer 3D graphics. Applications include all types of live shows, news shows, election shows, sports and teleshopping.

Graphic and content playout from the leader of broadcast graphics

We are the pioneers in sports graphics and playout systems, having re-imagined the broadcast world 30 years ago. Our in-house developed products have a high reputation with many large TV-stations for over 20 years. All of SMT Munich's products are designed in-house. With our world-class enterprise support and over-the-air diagnostics, we deliver unmatched reliability for live broadcasting operations.

SMT playout highlights2.png



Playout Features:

» SD, HD 1080, UHD Outputs

» Output to SDI, NDI in SD, HD and UHD simultaneously

» Switch to incoming SDI, NDI and RTSP feeds

» Ingest multi file format

» Live input in the playlist

» Internal Keying

» Channels are scalable

» Integrated NDI multiviewer

» Plays content from network devices without import

» NDI output for integration with all NDI-enabled devices,

» standalone NDI output with NewTek API

» 2 channel digital audio outputs (embedded audio)

» Customizable user workspacs

CG Features:

» Multi language 2D Graphics / Integrated On-Air Graphic-

» Engine, news-ticker, channel branding and automation

» Drag n Drop graphics: Create instant broadcast graphics

» with drag n drop while the show is on air

» Provides CG key and CG fill outputs (Graphic is keyed in

» the output)


» 19” rack mount enclosure

» W: 48,26 cm (19") H: 4U/ 17,80 cm (10,5")

» Master / slave configuration 2 * 4HU D: 68,50 cm

» (26,59")


Operating Temperature:

+10 C° to + 35C°


Operating System:

» WIN 10 professionell 64 bit

» 32 GB RAM

» 2 Xeon Multi-Core CPUs

» 1/10Gbit ethernet networking

» SSD storage

» 750W power supply redundancy

» DVD drive, mouse, keyboard


Hard Drives and Storage:

» SSD system disk

» SSD data disk (RAID)

Video Formats:

» 4K 4096 x 2160 50p/60p

» UHD 3840 x 2160 50p/60p

» HD 1920 x 1080 50i/59,9i

» HD 1280 x 720p 50p

» SD 720 x 576 50i

» SD 720 x 480 59,9i

All video formats support 8/10-bit 4:2:2, SDR or HDR output

Possible Configurations

1 channel system

» 1 output / 0 input

» 1 output / 

  • 1 SDI input

  • 1 NDI Input

  • Multiple RTSP Inputs

2 channel system

» 2 outputs / 1 input

  • 1 SDI input

  • 1 NDI Input

  • Multiple RTSP Inputs

» 2 outputs / 0 input

» 2 outputs / 2 inputs

  • 2 SDI input

  • 2 NDI Input

  • Multiple RTSP Inputs

4 channel system

» 4 outputs / 0 input

» 3 outputs / 1 input

  • 1 SDI input

  • 1 NDI Input

  • Multiple RTSP Inputs


» 3 outputs / 0 input


Note: More inputs can be added at an additional cost.

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