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Master Control Software for Editing
and Displaying of Image Data

Signum CameraControl is the master control software for editing and displaying of captured videos.


All raw videos (e. g. PCO, IDT, NAC, Photronetc.) are edited by this software and compiled forfurther processing.

Image enhencments & converting:
» Proven high quality Signum-algorithms for color
» preprocessing of Bayer and Photosonics movies
» Noise reduction, edge enhancement
» Contrast and intensity correction
» Change of hue and saturation and white balance
» Mirroring, rotation and resize of images 

With an optional extension, the captured videos can be converted into various different video formats, ranging e.g. from uncompressed avi, mxf or mov container to high compressed videos using e.g. h264 codecs or many others. The conversion feature is configurable as an automatic operation during download of recordings or playout of videos.

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